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New Construction

Ready to build or buy your new dream home? We’ll get you there.
Wondering how best to market your new subdivision? Let’s talk.

Your New Home – for Life

You’ve made it.  You’re ready to build or buy the perfect home that will serve you and your family for the rest of your life.  Thornton Walker’s experienced agents know which lenders work best in each market segment, and what creative funding options are available.  For a free consultation with a trustworthy new construction specialist, or if you if you simply want to know the right questions to ask, click here.

Market Your Subdivision

Thornton Walker’s new construction specialists have formidable experience in marketing subdivisions, model homes, spec homes, and residential lots. We can provide targeted assistance or full partnerships on every marketing aspect of your project, from state-of-art websites to the staffing of model homes.  Click here to explore options with one of our new construction specialists.

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